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Enjoydeal PC Computer Motherboard Analyzer Diagnostic Card Tester by Enjoydeal

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  • 25 pin
  • 2 LED indicator
  • Hexadecimal personality


Description: This new Computer Analyser Diagnostic Card (often referred to as POST–Power On Self Check) is an outstanding attempting out tools for Pc & personal computer with 25 pin printer port.It Is identified that the BIOS will automatically initialize and Test the I/O setup of the mainboard configuration and ship the check out code to the PCI or ISA bus orderly when the Pc is booting. “No drawback, NEXT”. This analyzer card can intercept and hex the code with the exception of the following code come.To That End, if there is any thing improper along together with your Laptop, you could be mindful exactly what the difficulty is completely after you insert this card into your 25 pin printer interface of your booting Pc and search for the codes displayed on it in the relative Desk of the User'Information. Features: Straightforward set up–merely plug into the 25 pin printer interface. can help you comprehend the error of your Pc without opening your Laptop and laptop with 25 pin printer port. Intercept and hex the code of your booting Computer. 2 LED indicator: KEY, +5V. Hexadecimal character convey. 2 keys for codes PREV/SUBSEQUENT. Explicit & actual Code Indication Desk, handy for you consulting. include USB male to male cable, right away powered by way of USB port. Compiant to the PHOENIX BIOS4.01~6.01 Laptop and Computer. Compiant to the AMIBIOS 6.24, AWARD BIOS Four.51 Computer and Pc. Concrete Laptop Type: IBM, T20, T21, T22, T23, A20, A21, A22, DELL640, TOSHIBA 4030, etc. Specs: Software Form: Pc Analyzer Card. Interface Kind: 25 pin male printer connecter. Compiant BIOS: PHOENIX BIOS4.01~6.01, AMIBIOS 6.24, AWARD BIOS 4.Fifty One. Concrete Pc Kind: IBM, T20, T21, T22, T23, A20, A21, A22, DELL640, TOSHIBA 4030, and so forth. Dimension: 2.2″ L x 2.2″ W x Zero.6″ H (Fifty Seven x Fifty Seven x 15 mm). Bundle Deal Integrated: 1×Computer Pc Analyser Diagnostic Card